Can't remove song from playlist.

  • 9 February 2018
  • 15 replies

When at the Playlist, clicking on the three dots does not allow me the option to remove a song from the playlist.

15 replies

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Hi there,

Here are step by step instructions on how to do that :)
Tried that and there is no such info on my browser window. I'm on Chrome on a Mac.

I had this same issue in the SoundCloud app on my iPad Pro. Go to the top of the playlist, select the three dots on the playlist itself and you’ll see an option to edit. Choose that and you can then easily select tracks to remove. Hope this helps.
Sadly, the EDIT option is not there for me.
I am unable to remove a song (so far) using a desktop browser. But I am able to remove a song from my playlist by opening the app on my phone and swiping it to the right.
Ridiculous. Can't delete a song from the playlist and I've tried every option. I guess it's a pay for only option? B.S.
I am using FireFox (latest version) on Windows 10 - i am also having this issue where i cant remove a song from the playlist.
Really frustrating.
Come on SoundCloud - sort your act out.
i managed to remove a song from a playlist by clicking on "add to playlist" again and then when the pop-up shows up click on the "added" button and it will be removed
@victor morari Thank you so much! You solved my problem!!
Desktop playlist editing happens from the edit button and then the tracks tab from the edit pop up.
Playlist>Edit>Tracks>delete by the each(there is an x to the right of each song)

Mobile playlist track removal has to happen from inside the playlist. Scroll to the song in question(in the playlist)>song overflow(...) >remove from playlist. if you don't see the option you are not in the playlist. you can also swipe the songs out of the playlist from edit of the playlist overflow.

You cannot edit someones created playlist
On the non-app version, if you click on the three dots that you would usually click on to add a song, then click on "add to playlist" it will show you various playlists saying add to playlist or added. if you click on the added sign of the playlist you want to remove the song from, it will delete it from the playlist.

this is the most convoluted cluster f i’ve seen in trying to edit the playlist, none of the options appear as listed above, none. Why can’t soundcloud make this shit simple. If anyone knows of another such hosting site that actually allows easy editing please let me know. 

Whats the deal soundcloud? Why is this such an issue. It’s such a basic function that has existed as long as copy, cut, and paste has been around. FIX THIS

I have the same issue. but when I update my app this issue is resolved. always find an opportunity circle for every type of issue.

So yeah, it’s possible to edit the playlists track selection, but it’s a really cumbersome process. I just transferred some playlists from spotify (automatically, via a website), but of course there are a few tracks missing and some other tracks with approximately the right title but wrong track. This means I want to edit the playlist by finding and removing these tracks that don’t belong. Having to go back and forth between listening and editing makes it such a shitty chore. I have to find 2-3 tracks, remember them, go to edit/tracks, remove tracks and repeat until finished. Snore.