Can you add playlists to spotlight?

  • 8 February 2016
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The past 2 years I have been putting up playlists on my page@Beachhousesession.

I recently saw that a user had gathered all the mixes into a spotlight on his/her page. Is it possible to do this with my playlists? If yes, how do i do this?

Thanks in advance!
//Beach House Session

5 replies

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Hi Beach House,

Yes, you can add playlists to your Spotlight. Instructions here.

So I need a Pro account for this. Correct?
I reordered the playlists in Spotlight but when i go to my Playlists tab at the playlists are still in the wrong order. In YouTube I can drag my videos into any order, and inside spotlight I can do this, but how can I arrange playlists to appear the order I want them to?
I have the same issue - I do the spotlight thing with a playlist, but on the playlists page, the chosen playlist is NOT at the top??

This whole "spotlight" method is a but underwhelming tbh? Please just make in drag n drop into order like the tracks re-ordering setup?

Thank you.
So I need a Pro account for this. Correct?
Yep - you need a Pro account, but tbh, it's not really worth it at the moment, if you are interested in ordering your playlists - until there's a better way of doing it, imho.