cant add tracks to playlists

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Hi there dnu,

Thank you for posting on the forum. I've heard about this being an issue from another user recently and I've forwarded this to the engineers to look into it.

Thanks for your patience while this is being looked into. If you have any further questions in the meantime, please do let us know.


Same here I was so looking forward to a full cartoons album
Okay Sound Cloud. Literally just signed up, had the problem. Googled it, saw it was posed two years ago. Scrolled down on the post only to find out 5 days ago user are still reporting on having this problem. Honestly, as an audio service, how can "adding track to existing playlist" be so difficult? Please respond and work on this problem.
Still having the same problem ? Really???
I had this problem too. I was able to fix it by refreshing the page - then click the 3 dots - click add track to playlist. You should now see a already created playlist - click to playlist. If this doesn't work - repeat refresh.
2017 and this is still an issue...
crazy, totally.. just no comments on it...
soundcloud can't fixed it so long time
Why is such a simple problem like STILL an issue?
This is happening to me aswell. Fix it godamnit!
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For me, I had to have at least one public playlist before I could add new tracks to existing playlists.

Even then I've still had issues, but deleting and re-creating the playlist (and setting to the correct public/private setting from creation - not editing after) seems to be a workaround.
I am still unable to add songs to my playlist using my pc. I mainly use soundcloud on my pc so if i want something added to my playlist im having to use my phone and it really pisses me off that this still isnt fixed.
Same here, still an issue. Getting ridiculous...
Same here, still an issue. Getting ridiculous...

Logged out several times and back in. That seems to have fixed the problem. Maybe clearing cookies as well.
same issue for me - can't add tracks to an already created playlist.
it always asks me to create a playlist.
A playlist isn't a playlist with one track now, is it.
Here's how it looks when I try to ... add to playlist

damn how come a problem this important can stay for 3 years
Wow it's 4 years actually. I heard good things about SoundCloud and it's business but as a user of their platform I am constantly confronted with stuff like this. Sometimes I wonder if there is any development work going on at all! Anyway, if someone from customer support team is reading this, yes, it's still an issue.