Cant scroll through playlists when trying to add a track

  • 11 October 2018
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Heres my issue and its very very annoying. When I try and add a track to a playlist, I will get about halfway down my playlists and I will get a notice saying Sorry Something Went Wrong, Retry. I click again and I just get the spinning wheel and then it gives the same 'Sorry' notice asking me to retry. If I do this long enough it will eventually scroll all the way through my playlists, but it sometimes takes up to 20 clicks. Factoring in the waiting time it takes 5 minutes or more just to add a single track. As a curator of a music blog I review hundreds of tracks a week and this is beyond frustrating. Once I get it working properly it will stay that way as long as that Soundcloud tab stays open. But if I find an artist and just right click google search and its opens in Soundcloud on a new tab I have to go through the entire process again. So now I have to copy/paste everything into the open SC tab instead of Google search it. Ive been in contact with the SC developers, they were able to reproduce my problem but arent able to figure out why its happening. That was a few months ago and they're still not having any luck. Is there anyone out there that may have any advice that I can give them to help their diagnosis? Thanks so much!

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