Converting Playlist to Album... Release Date problem when Saving

  • 27 March 2019
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I have converted many of my playlists to Albums over the years of using SoundCloud. Recently, there has been a problem when attempting to save after changing the Playlist to an Album and adding a Release Date. I am unable to close (and, therefore, save) the dialog box because the Release Date format is bing flagged as incorrect. With my older albums, I am able to bring up a Calendar UI widget to select the date. Now, with my last two Playlists, I am unable to bring up the Calendar UI widget. I have attempted to add the Release Date in the suggested format many different ways. When I do so, the field "interprets" my entry correctly (giving me the long form of the date), but it still does not save. Can anyone help me convert tow of my playlists to Albums and get around this Release Date syntax problem? Thank you.

3 replies

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Hey there,

I was able to add the release date for "Gunslinger" just fine from our end, however could reproduce the issue you're referring to on the "Frost" playlist. I've reached out to our engineers to take a look. Hoping we can get to the bottom of this soon.

Thanks for hanging in there.
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Hi again,

It looks like you managed to figure this out now. Did you do anything in particular to make it work?
Hello, I'm having the same problem with my playlist "finding ways to fall asleep". Whenever I try to press 'save' when I have a release date typed in, it won't accept it. It tells me 'enter a valid date'. Would you be able to help?