Deleted a song from an ALBUM.

  • 7 February 2017
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I recently released a project called "The Hunger" w/ 9 tracks on it.
Yesterday I was fooling around on my phone & trying to share it when I accidentally took a song off the entire album.
The song is still on my soundcloud, just not on the album set.

Since then I've tried to place the song back on the album but there is no option to... There is an option to create a playlist but it does not give me to option to add to an existing EP.
It wouldn't make sense to me that we can remove songs but not add them. So I must be doing something wrong or missing something.
Any & all help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the Project :

2 replies

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HI there,

Hmm - still an issue? If so, are you using any third party extensions such as Adblock or HTTPS Everywhere? Try a private / incognito browser window, or an alternate browser and see if it works in there 🙂
Guys I've found the way:

Go to your album and edit it, change the status of your album from "album" to "playlist"
Upload the song as a track then find the add to playlist option, type the name of the album that is temporarily a playlist
Go back to your album and edit it back from playlist to album
That's it! A weird workaround but it works