Disable Related Tracks Autoplay?

  • 2 December 2016
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How do I disable Soundcloud from automatically playing "related tracks" at the end of a playlist? The tracks it chooses are not related at all. They are just things I happen to have listened to and I don't necessarily want to play again. I certainly don't want them to play for other people who I send links to my music!

47 replies

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yes 🙂 a long-running problem/topic of discussion at sc. sadly no you cannot at this time. btw: it's not just stuff you listen to but stuff that people that listen to your track listen to - i once had a russian speech on religion (i only speak english so couldn't understand it) play next after one of my tracks for weeks 🙂
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So I am discovering. Seems that many musicians are abandoning Soundcloud for this reason.
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got another case right now - anyone listening to one of my current tracks is subjected to an incredibly annoying related track after that of course comes in at like +10,000dB 🙂
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This is the WORST part of Soundcloud I've ever seen.
I embed MY music on MY website...and next track is totally unrelated and NOT MINE!
Seriously Soundcloud WTF??
I came to the help forum looking for just this question; I've been going through a language course and one of the components of the course is to listen to the native speaker say a series of words and repeat after the audio. And that audio happens to be on Soundcloud. But when it gets to the end of the list of tracks, it starts playing some song that has little or nothing to do with it and which I do not care about. Thankfully it's not a horribly loud or annoying song, but I still would rather not break my concentration to stop the crazy song! It makes me wish the course author would use a different service for his audio 😞. I would strongly recommend making that feature optional; it will probably go a long way toward user satisfaction!
Few workarounds:

Use and create a playlist...see my example here -> (not a spam link trust me)
Notice I only have one track "Mehmet Pekün - Zor Dostum Zor (Kurt Adam Touch)" - it'll play once and no related track autoplay problem.

You can also create your own custom soundcloud player which is more labor intensive requiring applying for developer Soundcloud api access.

See -> Create custom SoundCloud players with HTML & CSS
Also -> Create custom SoundCloud players with React

Personally I like autoplay - keeps the party going 😉
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You MUST allow us to disable this feature. There's a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE song that always follows mine. It hounds me like the plague. I need to disable this. PLEASE.
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Yes, I have to conclude that SoundCloud's insistence on forcing the ridiculous "related tracks" on all listeners is a fatal flaw all by itself. I have been SO embarrassed when trying to offer my music to a few select close friends, only to have them forced to listen to completely unrelated things. I mistakenly thought that paying for a PRO subscription might rid me of this but dumped that after seeing it made no difference.
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Yes, this makes Soundcloud terrible. Always something terrible comes on after the thing I want to listen to.
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(And the fact that there's no pause before the next thing starts makes it even worse -- have to scramble to shut it off.)
I found a work around!!!!

Such a HUGE frustration when we want to market our tracks that are then followed up with something completely different and often times bad.

Here is the "solution". Create a playlist or add it to an existing playlist. I added my latest track to a playlist just so I can share it knowing at least the next track people hear is one of mine.

So add it to the playlist and share the link of the playlist, not the track. share the PLAYLIST and just have your new track be number 1.

It's a decent work around so we can at least keep some amount of control of what our listeners here next and the great thing is when the playlist is done...silence. No autoplaying to some random rapper or blog. It's a beautiful thing.

I guess you can make a playlist of just one track, but the key is that you share the link to the playlist and not the specific track.

Good luck and good night
I had this problem - at the end of my playlist Soundcloud was playing an offensive song after my playlist. My work around is as follows:
I uploaded a track which repeatedly plays a short tune and says "That's all there is, please stop Soundcloud now" for 10 minutes, Soundcloud plays this before it plays the offensive track. I uploaded this track twice - now Soundcloud appears to loop around my make weight track endlessly, although I can't guarantee this will always work.
Isn't the web wonderful.
This sucks. The next tune was not even related to my real genre. Bummer.
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My soundcloud experience:

1. Create account
2. Upload my first original song
3. Share song on facebook
4. Test ..... notice that it autoplays into random stuff after its finished
5. Spent the rest of my SC experience trying to stop this
6. After one day & one song I find this so frustrating I may just quit
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Why is this still an issue! It's driving me nuts. I may have to quit Soundcloud if they don't do something about this pronto. It's rediculous.
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Soundcloud please do something about this. I don't want offensive rap song after soft tunes wtf! I'm googling replacement right now and canceling subscription.
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Yep, that's why I've stopped using it too!
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I've sent links to private playlists to a few people so I'll have to wait before deleting everything. In the meantime I guess the best thing to do is to unfollow everyone, unfav everysong to give no clue to the algorythm and then feed it by faving all your own song. If you have a lot of songs there, then you're safe from related tracks for at list the duration of tracks you have online! looks silly and kills community but hey Soundcloud, you got it coming!
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Thanks Yooqaa.. It's such a pulava! I'll try your suggestion... Peace... Seb
Hard to believe this is still an issue. I upgraded to Pro in the hopes that my track embeds would just be my tracks, and not the random stuff that comes next. Huge bummer. I may start looking for another platform.
Incredible that this is forced on us. I just listened to a meditation, and within seconds of it finishing a loud annoying hip-hop track started playing. Thanks for killing the moment soundcloud.
Yep. This is a show-stopper. Just signed up, uploaded, linked a track to facebook, and tested it out. I added all tags and relevant descriptions to classify the music as Alternative Rock and the same 3 offensive songs get queued up after it no matter what. Sorry SoundCloud; this is unacceptable.
The same thing has been coming on at the end of one of my songs for 3 years now. I changed Genres I even tried removing All tags, I tried everything to no avail.
I assumed it could be fixed if I'd just take the time to adjust my settings - only to discover there is no fix! They apparently WANT to drive users away?

My suggestion is sign up with iCompositions. You can't make a playlist but you can listen to any musician's songs without interruption. Also free.
Gah was going to use SoundCloud to share some sound effects that I am making. seems it cant be fixed and no answer from sound cloud devs here. Guess Ill need to abandon it as well. Weirdest feature I have ever seen. Will take the advice of others and use another application.