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  • 2 December 2016
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One song uploaded and already out. This is annoying.
I hate this, too. I am a violinist. I share a meditative piece of violin music, and then on its heels comes Artebambini with its Suzuki demonstration of Fiocco's "Allegro." It's a fine piece, and well-played, but it is not me, I don't want to hear it, and I don't want my listeners to be burdened by it. I hoped I could prevent it by blocking Artebambini. I really don't want to block anyone. I just want the auto-play to stop. Blocking Artebambini did *not* take it off the "Related Tracks" play list.

I have too much invested in SC to just pull out my stuff to a different platform. This is terrible.

SC, please make this autoplay an option we can turn off.

I use SC for promoting business for myself and my group, and this just confuses my listeners.
Same here. I am moving to bandcamp. It is a better fit for me anyway. I just needed Soundcloud's stupid auto-play feature to make me realize I made the wrong choice.
Workaround discovered: I found today that the songs that play for my intended audience after a song I have shared a link to on Facebook (for example) are the ones I most recently clicked "Like" on. This can be influenced by clicking Like on one of your own songs (clicking unlike first if you already "liked" that song).

So, the trick seems to be, don't like other people songs, lest they play next for your audience, or if you do want to click like on songs from other artists (maybe they are your friends?), then after clicking like on any of their songs, go through all of your own songs and unlike / re-like each one in reverse order, so that the last one you click like on is the song you want to play next after your promoted track.

The best part of this is that you can adjust what plays next even after you have published a link to a song. Try it yourself - log out of SoundCloud, and click this link to a song - "Love Haunts My Dreams" - the next song that should play is "Indycative", which is the last one I clicked "Like" on. Here's the link:

I think a better solution is noted above by @retro-inactive; to create a new playlist each time you share a tune, and share that instead to control the flow of tracks after the one you are promoting. Will be trying that next time I pay to promote a SoundCloud track on Facebook.
Another option, which seems only partially effective (and should thus be combined with the previous technique), is to link to the track within its Album or Playlist, from when you are viewing the Album or Playlist on its main page (i.e When you hover over the track, you will see a share button. Using this button from this page will create a link to the track within its album (or EP or playlist), for example,

In a web browser or from Facebook on iOS, when a user clicks this link, it shows the track in the context of the album it is on, and plays the following track in the album next. In the example above, the next song to play should be "Crashing Down". This does not seem to work however if your iOS device opens the link using the SoundCloud app - in this case, the app does not show the album context, and the next song to play is the last one the author clicked Like on, as I described above.

So, it seems a combination of these techniques should be used; 1) share links to tracks within the context of their albums or playlists, and 2) make sure the last things you clicked Like on are suitable to be heard by your audience in reverse sequence.
I guess they aren't interested at all to solve this problem as I think they don't see it as a problem but as a marketing tactic. If you're lucky and the related song after your list matches your taste maybe you'll navigate more and more on Soundcloud.

I personally hate it, this is no top 40 or any other charts, people here are interested in music and if you are interested in music you don't need stupid recommendations, you will search yourself after what you like or think you might like.

This is the same sh*t as Spotify or Apple Music selling publicity as "individualized recommendations".
Yeah, this is very much a bug, not a feature. The "recommendation" is rarely on the mark, and frankly, when I click on a stream, I just want to hear that stream, not that plus what their marketing software thinks I ought to hear.

Worse, even if you turn it off on whatever playlist or album you're listening to, as soon as you click on another list, album or track it turns itself back on. That behavior can only be described as broken, and requiring a fix.

Stream control is basic functionality -- certainly until it behaves properly (i.e., can be disabled and will stay disabled), I have no reason to consider either a paid account or the Android app.

I thought the point of Soundcloud was to create a personalized audio experience, not have one imposed on me.
The idea to remove the likes from all other songs and like only your songs definitely fix the issue, thanks @Francis Hillier ! Dear Soundcloud, it's a fucking shame that you force us to do stupid things like this!
I thought it was me. But now I realise SoundCloud has a suicidal death wish at its core.

Who on earth wants random material chained on to their work?

Like Popperur, I learnt that unliking things I'd liked removed them from being played as related material.

I then made ALL my tracks PRIVATE, apart from the one I wanted to post on FB. But, alas, SC still played my PRIVATE tracks, like some megalomanic-vampire-robot intent on spewing out everything I've ever posted, listened to or liked or not liked even.

Who on earth wants random material chained on to their work?
Who on earth wants random material chained on to their work?
Who on earth wants random material chained on to their work?
Just uploaded my first track on a new account only to have 'Related Tracks' issue - the first thing that comes up is some expletive titled r'n'b thing which i have certainly never listened to nor would I want it associated with my music. I have used Soundcloud in the past but don't remember this being an issue. It's crap and makes me reluctant to share my material.
UGH!!! I am only now finding out that the abominable feature "related tracks" has been doing this to my songs. I thought that when someone played a song of mine PERHAPS another song of mine would follow it...seems logical right??? But NO!!! Not a chance!! Someone else's songs follow up and I have no say or control over it. Who was the idiot who designed this feature??? NO ONE LIKES IT!! We should be able to delete a shitty song that has NOTHING to do with our music. This makes me hate this site and will most likely drive me away...such a stupid, idiotic feature....
Step 1: go to up next
Step 2: turn off autoplay station
Step 3: you are done
It will be little things like this that puts this company out of business the minute something else pops up without all these little annoyances and caps they put on this service.
Programmer here, email to me and I'm happy to remove it free of service! This "feature" is easy to fix, just delete it. The presence of a non-amenable "Related Tracks" smacks of a random algorithm and / or internal power-play judgements of what constitutes worthy music - a sign of immature leadership. This morning talking with my son describing switching from Google Play to Soundcloud only to discover this evening a cartoon with the face of number 45 is the next play after "Inquisitive Discovery, A Reflecting Sunset", a tribute to an endeared high school teacher and mentor I just learned this week passed away Sept 2018. I've trusted Soundcloud and today received funds to actually begin a paid membership. Seriously, "say something, i'm giving up on you ...". If you want only master's posting songs, there are plenty of cemeteries to choose from (hmm well... they are likely unable to subscribe, at least temporally) to which by the way Bach in his time played "too many notes". Zero-judgement and self-guided simulated annealing paths are optimum.

Ya, it's your candy-store (a Walter Cronkite quote) but it's my experience.
I uploaded my very first track today, and discovered this problem. Then I googled, reached out here, and I understand this is unsolvable and they won't fix this. I'm a web designer and I pretty like this site's design, but this "feature" ruins all the rest I think. I can't share my track while this function is live, so I decided to use other service. Thank you.
Hey everyone! Simply go to your other tracks and use the More option and then click on "Add to Next Up."

So after the track plays (that you've directed them to) then your list of other tracks that are on that "Next Up" area will play -- even though the image is stuck on that original one. So if people are listening while working they won't even notice that the graphic is off and they will just list to maybe about 3 other tracks that you have selected.

Now this seems like a manual adjustment as from time to time you need to update which tracks are going to play next, right?

So put a reminder on your calender to mix up the tracks you want to play after your newest one.

I guess this was a feature they put in a year ago and it would be nice if there was a moderator that told you about it.

Hope it helps! SO go NOW and LOAD UP your "ADD TO NEXTUP" list and then YOUR OTHER TRACKS will play - not someone elses.

Jan Rossi from Marketing Residency :-)

p.s. I am noticing that my older tracks are recorded at different levels.... and I must fix that!!
This is dumb, its a two year old thread that is in total agreement by everyone posting that the system behavior and user experience here is terrible. I too wont share my tracks because the one that comes on after mine, somebody else's tune is also at 1000000 db and super loud and obnoxious. Play the one song, then play more of my songs or none. Simple.

The site is maddenly frustrating because of this.
Step 1: go to up next
Step 2: turn off autoplay station
Step 3: you are done

Just to keep this thread alive a little -- as a listener, the way to keep from autoplaying garbage is exactly what Raitoi wrote above. To add some more detail:
  • At the bottom of a browser screen is a bar with what is playing. This has a weird menu button on the right side (like lines with a triangle on it). Click on that
  • Then there will be a button that says autoplay station at the bottom of the menu. Turn it off!
I can't stand this and quiting...

This completely 100% destroys Soundcloud for me.  At the end of my meditative track the most annoying and offensive and obscene track you can imaging blasts out totally freaking me out and causing me to hate SoundCloud more than anything on Earth at that moment. This is obscene and horrible.