Dissapeared likes when i signed in and out !!

  • 13 February 2016
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Been using soundcloud for some month now , built up a little playlist from from liked songs , after signing in and out of the app on my iPhone 6s all the songs disappeared !!! is there anyway i can get these back without looking for them as i don't remember the name of every track !!!

1 reply

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Hi there Jonny,

Hmm, sorry to hear this has happened to you 😕 I'm afraid this is not something we can revert, it sounds as if your phone had only locally stored the info about your likes & playlist info. When you look into your account from a web browser, do you then see your likes & playlists? If so, make sure you're logged in to one and the same account on both devices and try a hard reset within the app on your phone - pull down on your Collection page until you see a spinning wheel - and see if your playlists show.

Hope this helps.