Dissapearing track/mixes from my playlists

  • 1 February 2017
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Hi there,

have one of you guys similar or the same problem as me??? It is not for the first time i cannot find my track/mix in my own playlist. its getting me angry, cause im the guy who doesnt remember their full names, i know my bad...bud stil if the track is not on the servere anymore, e.g., application should still keep the artwork and position in playlist within my profile and just infrom me it is not playable track. please your opinion ..ths

4 replies

Yes, same problem here. Tracks are all public, took serveral months to gather them, I'll have to back track al the dj's I follow if it won't get fixed. Anyone else had this before?
For me the problem is, that soundcloud or some virus or bugg what ever is it, deletes also the song from history, how can i be able to gather my songs back together without any available infromation. im so sad about it, cause i keep fingers crossed for soundcloud but this is really bothering.
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Hi there,

Please see here for further info on this issues. Unfortunately, I cannot tell if you're using an iOS or Android device, I hope it is the latter one and the update will fix the issues for you.

Hi Mathis,

Unfortunately I have an iOS installed on iPhone 4s. I don't believe the issue is caused by syncing between pc and phone. Why? Because songs disappeared on both desktop and phone. And this issue bother me more than one year, but for last couple months it was OK so I thought new update solved the problem. But ... 😞