Download Error

  • 9 January 2018
  • 1 reply

So I have Soundcloud Go+ and have had it for around 8 months and had no problems. However the past month has been a pain with downloads. I save everything liked and most of my playlists so I can listen offline but for some reason as soon as i have no wifi or data signal, I cant listen to any of my music it just shows an error on all the songs saying download pending and at the top of the playlist ‘no wi-fi’. Yes I still have my membership, I have kept up to date payments everytime. I have inlimited download space and have enough phone storage for all my songs. Any Help?

1 reply

Same issue here. Save all of my favorite playlists offline and they download and have the green around next to them but when I turn of WiFi and data to ensure they have downloaded they all change to download pending. I also have SoundCloud Go+ and it is more expensive than Spotify premium or other subscriptions so not being able to listen to me songs offline is a little irritating.