Embedding playlists on Wordpress

  • 11 October 2018
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When I first created my blog I embedded my playlists using Embedly. But now most of the playlists that were embedded just show the cover, and Embedly direct me out of my blog and to the playlist on Soundcloud. Oddly some of my playlists have remained embedded but most have not. Does anyone have tips on the best way to embed Soundcloud playlists to Wordpress?

4 replies

I have a similar problem. The Embedly service generates a link to SoundCloud rather than the embedded audio player. Doesn't matter if the track is public or private.

I can grab any link off the home page of SoundCloud and Embedly interprets it correctly; ie. generates an audio player embed.

I have SoundCloud Basic. Is this a limitation of the free service?

Now if I upload the exact same track again and try to embed it I get the correct embed I'm after.

Using these links to tracks I get the following Embeds:

For the life of me I can't see any difference between them.
Found a solution. Looks like the "Display embed code" permission must be active for this to work in Embedly.

Interesting. Unfortunately there is no embed code option on most of my created playlists. It’s weird because embedly used to be working on my blog but now just shows the link.
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Hmm, I'm not familiar with Embedly, however using the embedded player URL should render into the embedded player automatically. If the embed link is not shown, it could be because some of the tracks inside the playlist have this feature disabled.

I'd recommend to test with a new playlist that you create from tracks that you know can be embedded to see if the feature as such works as designed.