Embeded Playlists not working on websites

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Hello, i have the same problem:
same problem
Tweet at them:
Same problem here!
Same here, I am new to soundcloud and thought I am not getting it right.. I embedded a link on my website and it shows all grey and can not click on it.
but seems it is new and happening at the present to few/many. Any solution?
Seems to be a general issue with embedded soundcloud tracks, tried on Chrome and IE and they're not working on either.
Same problem here. Any word on this getting resolved/progress?
Same problem 😕
Tweet at them: Done.
The issues has been resolved for me, anyone else?
Mine's back up.
The issues has been resolved for me, anyone else? Ours is working

It's officially resolved.
its not solved at all it still doesnt work , and all my play counts have stopped and when i try and get through to the help centre i get a blank page saying OOPS theres a problem , what is this ??? nothing works on this platform , or is this just a coup to make us all upgrade ??? it's really getting on my F*****G nerves now .
seems to me like my souncloud page has been sabotaged completely .... but by soundcloud not by a hacker .