Empty Playlist Error On Devices

  • 23 January 2018
  • 2 replies

We are having issues where some of our listeners are not able to download from our playlists. They are getting a message that says empty playlist but on our end, everything is correct and the tracks in the playlists they are trying to access. In addition, they are able to listen to it on the browser but they can't download it to their phones. The playlists and the tracks are all enabled for download. What would be causing this issue?

2 replies

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this has been going on for at least a MONTH, and it's ruining my business model. i send biz people private linked playlists, and anyone on a mobile device sees an empty playlist. soundcloud says they're working on a fix, but...??? this used to work without a problem...
Same problem. going to have to use something else to privately link. SoundCloud is failing at the very thing it is useful for