Glitch affecting my whole playlist

  • 9 August 2019
  • 3 replies

Almost every song on my playlist has suddenly changed to a preview. This is only affecting the app on my phone as the songs are not previews on other devices.

3 replies

me too and they haven’t done shit about it or given any answers
all they’ve done is silence the only other thread with this problem pretending it’s a problem with my go sub? lmao has nothing to do with go these songs are free take off this preview bug so i don’t have to get a sub just to listen to the same songs i been listening to. don’t tell me you’re sorry for my sub not working correctly i’m not subbed. same
problem happening months ago and they haven’t even acknowledged it, just a scam to get you to buy GO and then when u do buy it the glitch stays so they can’t even scam correctly
tried making a new account and halfway through tryna fix this my likes don’t work anymore 😂 i’m done with this app and this useless company