Glitch - Not available in the US

  • 19 October 2019
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I have a private SoundCloud playlist of unreleased songs that I have been sharing with various people for feedback.

When I log in on my computer, located in the US, everything works fine.  However, I recently sent the same link to an important industry professional (also located in the US) with whom I wanted to share this playlist, and the first song of the 4-song EP was marked as "Not available in the US".  Why is this happening? My song (owned 200% by me) is definitely available in the US. In fact,  I would like my music to be available globally, so this should not happen under any circumstance.


If I can’t rely on the stability of this platform, I can’t use it.  It’s not enough to have a fix for “when this glitch happens” - I need to know that when I send a link to someone, the music can be played.



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