How can I share my "liked" track playlist

  • 10 April 2015
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7 replies

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Hi there Mark,

Thanks for posting. Sharing your Likes as a playlist is currently not an option we offer - sorry. If you want to share a dedicated set of tracks to - say - Facebook or on your website, I'd recommend to create a new playlist and add the tracks there.

If you just want to let others know where to find your likes, you can share the actual link to your likes, yet this won't turn into an embedded player straight away.

Hope this helps to shed some light on this.

Just to bump this, it would be really neat if it were possible to share my entire list of "liked" tracks. I use my Likes as another playlist of sorts. Thanks!
This please soundcloud friends!
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Dear Saleh
You can Share you "like" list just follow these simple steps.

1- Copy your user name from, to do so click on "Profile" link and in the url you will see your user name.. mine is moh-31

2- Go and click on the like link to go to your like page your link will look something like

3- replace "you" with your youser name you will end up with a url that looks like this

4- copy and share your link and let the world know what you like to hear..... and start Soundclouding 😉
Thank you ArabicGT, It worked for me!. 😃
That's the method!
hi guys
i want to autopost with a wordpress plugin on my personal blog
the plugin works with user or playlist ID
when I want to show the embed code the ID are visible but not for favorites

i have tested to put after the user id "/favorites" but I have a 500 error of the script

can we know how I must found a playlist ID for favorite?