How can I use Soundcloud with Amazon Alexa on my Echo Dot ?

  • 23 January 2017
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Please add an Alexa skill. This will be a reason for me to switch to a different music provider in the near future. I hope you can understand that.
Get this done guys, its a no-brainer and if your product team hasn't made this a top priority, they are out to lunch. 95% of the music I listen to at home is through my echo. I have always loved soundcloud, but as mentioned before in the this thread, this is a reason for me to switch platforms. You have had plenty of time to build this.
Yes, Alexa skill is much needed. Please deliver on this Soundcloud.
Why is this not available yet? I subscribed to SoundCloud instead of increasing my Amazon music account to a family account because I prefer indie music, but I can't play it through Alexa? Cmon guys get on this already.
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Crackers this has not been implemented yet. 2 years ago was requested.
Consider when you upgrade to get a sonos, that does support soundcloud, spfy and mixcld.
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Hi everyone,

Apologies - contrary to previous replies by people who used to work for SoundCloud, we are currently not planning an Alexa integration :-/

I will forward this topic & your feedback to the relevant product team.
Apologies - SoundCloud, I’m not currently planning on subscribing until a useable Alexa skill is available.
You should also make your app compatible with CarPlay so make it convenient to listen in the car. Otherwise, I’m giving my money to apps that give me the features that I want.