How do I add more then 1 track to my playlist?

  • 27 September 2015
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I made a playlist called "STUFF I LIKE" and set it to private. and went to add a second track to it, but it just keeps telling me to make a new playlist? Even though I have one? I tried making it public but same deal. 😕

11 replies

Bug still exists, disappointing, but what can I expect from a dying company desperately trying to find a way to monitize their service.

Well I think I've found a solution, you need to create one public and one private playlist before you can start adding tracks to existing ones.

You might also have to sign out and back in after creating both, but can't be bothered to test if that's the case.
Oh, cmon guys, are you kidding me? One year later and the problem still there...
Just cant add second track to an existing playlist...

Do you even care about your customers?
Thanks for your reply eJAM!
It sounds like creating a 2nd Playlist might work...

I tried something different, which actually worked too! -
I just logged out, closed the SoundCloud page down; then opened the site in a new tab and logged back in.
For some reason, doing this enabled me to see my Playlist saved there, but now I could also Add songs to it!

Obviously this is a recurring glitch which SoundCloud do need to address - I hope someone from the team is seeing our messages here & will try to work on it! ;-)

But this seemed to work for me...
Just a pain in the **** to have to log out & in again.
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Hi everyone,

What I found was that after creating a second playlist, I could then add existing tracks to any playlist. You likely tested this after I had done this.

I would recommend everyone trying to create a couple of "dummy" playlists and see if you can then add existing tracks. There's still clearly a bug that should be addressed, but this is a workaround.
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This is back again?

Well... this seems to be a problem that happens to random people at random times. Either that, or it's a certain glitch that happens to people who are just now using the feature to make (a) new playlist(s).

I currently don't have the problem, but I DID have the problem in the past. I don't know why, after a day or two, the problem went away for me... somehow...
Yep, I’m getting the same problem too. I am using Safari on my Mac laptop, and everything else works fine online...
But on SoundCloud, when I try to *Add* tracks to an existing Playlist, it only comes up with a box saying ‘Create New Playlist’.

This is really frustrating, as I’m trying to arrange the songs by my band into a Playlist for each album. (We have 5 albums, so, I’m trying to create 5 playlists).

Judging by the community posts I’ve seen, people have been complaining about this for months?

Please help us if you can, SoundCloud people!!!
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This is the same issue as here:

Is there a solution to this?
I have the same problem. I use a workaround at the moment.
I use iOS App.
1) Like the Song
2) go to iOS App
3) take a look at my profile and choose the song
4) add to list (they are listet in mobile App)

But it is annoying when you use only web version of soundcloud. I hope you fix it soon.
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I have the same problem too... and the problem looks a little something like this...

I want to add this song to another playlist, but as you can see, it's not letting me. I have over 400 songs in my likes list, and I'm wanting to seperate them in different groups. this is all that they give me...
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Hi Amber,

I did some testing on your playlist and I saw both options for Create New and Add to. Can you send over a screenshot of what you are seeing?