How do I jump instantly to the very first (or any one from the beginning) artist's track?

  • 5 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Hey, Soundcloud designers,

Can I do it or not?

Follow the example below.
1. Look at this artist It has 128 sessions to date. Each session contains about 5 tracks. It is a huuuge loooong list to scroll it down.
2. I want to jump, for example, to session 11 instantly. Or 28. Or 51. Or the very 1st. I don't want to hit [End] button or [PageDown] button half an hour to get a session I want.
3. Now your UI doesn't have anything that can list and scroll artist's tracks fast, does it?

How do I jump to a session/track I want without paging/scrolling down whole track list?

1 reply

The UX is lacking filters to sort by oldest or newest.

Work around is to do a keyword search - example:

The Boom Room Official Unlimited 011
The Boom Room Official Unlimited 028
The Boom Room Official Unlimited 051
The Boom Room Official Unlimited 001

Good thing The Boom Room is consistent with their naming convention. Other profiles that might not work so well.