How do I reorder my playlist? I used to be able to drag songs to the right order. Did that break?

  • 24 October 2015
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I used to be able to drag songs to the right order in my playlist but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I tried on Mac OS/X Yosemite using both Chrome and Safari. Please let me know if there's a fix for this. Thanks

2 replies

I had the same problem/confusion, but found out while in the playlist, you can click the pencil icon on the left hand part of the page, next to the share option, once you do, click 'Tracks' and this will allow you to rearrange them 🙂
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I have noticed regarding this is that you have to be a PRO subscriber for soundcloud to have that feature as this feature is accessible once you are a paid subscriber for You get more features to your account it seems.

Hope this link information helps on how to obtain the feature 😉