How do I repeat an entire playlist (as opposed to a single song)?

  • 5 July 2017
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Pretty straight forward question, I think. I saw that Soundcloud recently went through some ui and playlist manipulation changes.

I have a some very large playlists on soundcloud of songs I need to hear when I'm feeling certain ways(angry songs for angry emotions, energetic songs for when I need get into action, chill songs for chilling, etc...). Usually I just pick a song out of it somewhere to start and put it on randomize, or shuffle, rather, and just let it play, but now it cuts everything above that song out of the queue. Now it just goes and plays the rest of the playlist and then goes on and plays songs I never even chose to put on the list. Yeah, sometimes they're good songs (sometimes being just the word)but mostly it's just mleh stuff. If I want NEW songs I'll go right ahead and search for them myself. That's kinda the point of having a playlist, to have known songs that you know are good to listen to when you want to hear them. So, where's the loop button? Where the option to repeat the playlist instead of letting the mechanical algorithms choose songs it thinks meet my human preferences, hmm? Ye old windows media player had it long long ago in the same friggin galaxy, nay solar system, nay planet that soundcloud exists on. I wanna know where it is, and if that essential button, that essential option for any reputable music playing program, doesn't exist on here yet, when it is going to exist, and why the heck they haven't put the danged button on this thing yet! Come on guys catch up! I'm suprised you got this far with one well sneakered foot and one stub with a sock on it! And that sock by the way is the repeat song button. Pressing that button runs the risk of wearing out that song (which could be any song no matter how good it is(seriously man, repeat it enough and it will become junk to your ears)) to the point of groaning every time it plays again for a year or two.

So, get it on if it's not on, or tell me where it is, please.

Ah, and here's a couple good songs for when you're angry. But then again, music really is a matter of preference, so maybe not so good to you. For me though, they served very well recently. Quite recently.

2 replies

As far as i know it is not possible right now, the only thing that we can do is using the shuffle button.
I dont know about anyone else but there is a black menu i dont know how i got it it even had its loop button and an up next choice after that never found it again