How do you actually contact customer service?

  • 6 September 2017
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I'm having a relatively minor issue with the songs playing in my playlist- they don't play one right after another as they should- I cannot find any phone number or email address-- anything to contact customer service. Is there not a department or team to reach out to when you need help?

13 replies

‘Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Your payment failed and no funds were transferred.’


I receive this message when trying to apply for soundcloud pro. 

I am from the UK and dont have a ZIP code, I have a POST CODE, which is 6 digits long and not the 5 they ask for? So I actually make music and can’t use this app to its full potential because of this silly little issue. Soundcloud are losing out on money because of this, and I am losing out on tools. 

Why on earth would you not have a help line? It’s so tiring not being able to talk to a human being but hey welcome to 2020 I guess. *sigh*

I've paid for pro, £9.99 subscription as I've just started mixing again after 18 years of not playing.
I'm on a radio station and after uploading my 2nd show, I've now lost the previous recordings I uploaded.
Ssoundcloud have sent a message saying I need to upgrade, until I do my other mixes will remain hidden.
In response I've sent them an email showing my payment I made by screenshots for the invoice and PayPal payment to them.
I've had nothing back in response and I'm totally lost on what else I can do.
Other issues are when I upload a mix, it jumps a few times, it sounds like it's my vinyl pressings jumping, but it's not, the sound quality however is spot on.
Can see this is an old thread, however I'm not brilliant with modern technology, thought I'd done well just to upload on the laptop.
A phone call would be my best option, it's all very well having a contact centre, however it seems its certainly not manned, this problem isn't one that can sort itself out, must be why most of my other friends use Mixcloud.
Its impossible to get ahold of soundcloud and im getting pissed, i have a written permission from a artist that im allowed to use his beat and upload a song on soundcloud as long as its private and of course it gets taken down but then when i tell them that i have a written permission, writes word for word what he wrote (as i cant hook up the screenshots to the claim) and even tell them to contact me on email to get the screenshots as proof they just reject it without any explanation and they have done this twice now! I dont get soundcloud at allllllll
and trying to find help on soundcloud is like trying to find the loch ness. it doesnt fuckin exist. they want your money but dont wanna help
get a fucking grip
I was recently following about 1500 to 2000 people on soundcloud. i decided to delete most of those people and cut my following down to 200. i was warned about the high amount of people i was following so i deleted them. i tried adding new people who had followed me frist and now im blocked for 6 days. i didnt realoise that Adolf Hitler was running soundcloud. if im paying for music that i have fucking wrote and recorded onto their shitty little site and now they are dictating my account. seriously soundcloud grow up the fuck
Also having the same issue as Diane above! If there is anyway that could reach out to contact me that would be great, have been searching for a way to reach out for hours to no avail. My email is please reach out ASAP!
I know this is an old post on here but I have no idea how to contact the payment team. I was charged for a subrscription that I did not purchase and I need to be refunded immediately. The “support” page you provide says there is a link at the bottom of the page to contact the payment team and receive a refund. However, the link only brings you back to faq. My email is and would appreciate someone contacting me ASAP to resolve this issue.
I also need a contact phone number or email. The majority of our tracks are missing from our profile and need to get it fixed ASAP.
Oh ok... so, community help doesn't exist, support can't be reached and takes 3 months to reply to a genuine help question on this forum without actually helping lol. That spells "no support".
My mom is getting ready to file FRAUD charges because her debit card was used unauthorized, and it wasn't on my sister and I account.
it's a nightmare!
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Hi there,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet. Hoping you were able to sort out the issues in the meantime. In order to get in touch on specific issues with someone from our support team, there are contact points on some of our articles on the help center. For instance, if you need to get in touch with our subscriptions team, you can do so here. Different articles will help up get your message to the right team quicker.

Note that many of the technical questions we're seeing in our emails are either answered on the Help Center already, or someone from the Help Community has asked the question before. If your issue persists, I would recommend basic troubleshooting, as outlined here. 🙂