How do you show the song duration times for each track in a playlist?

I can see total times for a playlist (how long the entire playlist will take) but I can't figure out how to show the times for EACH TRACK within a playlist. (I can see the size of each track but not how long each song is...) Can someone please direct me?

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Just to note...I can see the individual track times by opening/playing each track but I need to see the individual track times within the playlist lineup. Here's why...

My playlists are for a meditation/dance so the total playlist needs to be within a certain length. Therefore, when I'm building a playlist, I often need to lengthen or shorten it and it would be helpful to see where I need to replace or add a track. (Sometimes I need to replace a track that is really long with a shorter one and sometimes I just need to add a short track somewhere in the lineup.) This is very difficult by having to click into each track to see it's length and then remember which one/where (in a list of 10+ tracks) I need to alter the playlist lineup.
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Hi there,

Hmm, there is no option to see the track length of the individual tracks on a playlist, but when you're looking at the playlist page from a web browser on your computer, you will see the total number of tracks, and also the total running time of the playlist.

Here's an example:

Hope this helps :-)