how get back one of my playlists ???

  • 8 December 2015
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31 replies

One of my playlists were copied twice so I deleted one of them but both of them got deleted. Can you get my playlist back please.
Hi Maryan,

Restored. Please note that it is not possible to restore a deleted track or playlist for our users. We can sometimes help, but obviously you'd rather you don't accidentally delete your playlists in the first place 😉 If you can think if anything to help deletions to be more obvious, please let us know.

All the best

Can u please get my playlist back. I’m so sad and upset without it.
My playlist deleted itself when I reset my password. can you please restore it?!? it was called ‘bangerz’
I accidentally deleted a playlist of called "heart beat" I was wondering if there's any possibility of me getting it back
Hi soundcloud team, would it be possible for your team to restore all of my deleted playlists throughout my account history? Really regretting deleting them.

Thank you 🙂
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Hi there,

Once a playlist was deleted, it is no longer possible for us to restore it. Sorry. Closing this topic accordingly.