How to post or view song lyrics?

  • 23 April 2017
  • 4 replies

I am amazed at how difficult it is to find info about lyrics to songs on SoundCloud, This applies to both viewing lyrics as a listener and posting lyrics by the songwriter. This is one reason why I use Broadjam which does always show lyrics to all songs which have them. As a songwriter who writes both music and lyrics, I really appreciate this because you can't always understand the lyrics and appreciate them from the recording.

I could not even find any help in the SoundCloud Help Center. So if I want to upload a song, what do I do to show the lyrics? And if I want to read the lyrics to another writer's song, how do I do that?

Thanks, Don

4 replies

Hey, man,
I'm a rapper and I've developed a habit of copying and pasting my lyrics from Google Docs (where I usually write my lyrics) to the descriptions of my tracks. Just click the "edit" button for a track and you'll see the description box.
I originally posted one of my song with lyrics (about two years ago); not only are they nowhere to be found - but I don't even see any EDIT button, referred to by Shmu-el Ocho in the posting just above...!
Great! Thanks Shmu-el Ocho.
Here's where you find the link and get your lyrics visible.
1.) Go to your main page and find the track that you want to post lyrics for.
2.) There are three little dots under the track, click that, and then click [Edit track]
3.) Put your lyrics and any other notes you want in the "Description" field, and save your changes.

Done and done!

You won't see your text on the main pages that list tracks, but if you click on the title to that specific track and go to that page, there it all is. :->
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