How to remove the "Play on SoundCloud/Listen in Browser" Overlay on Embedded Players?

  • 23 May 2017
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Hi, i am a Soundcloud Pro User, with more than 31.000 plays on my channels. We plan to reach 100.000 plays this year.

My clients are complaining about the orange message "Play on Soundcloud/Listen in Browser" overlay on embedded players on smartphone applications.

I want to know how to disable/remove the message "Play on Soundcloud/Listen in Browser" overlay from the players (smartphones).

Unfortunately, we´ll have to cancel our Soundcloud Account and migrate to another online server if this problem is not solved.



2 replies

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Hi there Eduardo,

It looks like no one from the Help Community has had the chance to get back to you yet. This is currently not something you can do. However, I've forwarded your feedback to the relevant product team.
Dear Mathis,

The "Play on Soundcloud" button still covers my embedded tracks on mobile devices even though I have signed up for Premium Pro and unchecked the "Overlay" option an all tracks. What can I do?