How to save tracks of a private link in the Soundcloud app

  • 6 December 2018
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I am selling a Mindfulness album. The album contains 8 tracks and all tracks are set to 'private'. After customers purchased the album they get the private link to the album by e-mail.

Most of my customers want to listen to the mindfulness tracks on their phones or tablets.

When they click on the private link in the e-mail, the album +tracks opens in the Soundcloud app.
So far so good.

However, the second, third and fourth and so on time they want to listen to the album, they have to go back to the private link in their email in order to open the album in the Soundcloud app.

How do they save the private tracks IN the Soundcloud app without having to buy the paid version of the Soundcloud app?And without having to fetch the private link from the e-mail over and over again?

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