How to start a station on XboxOne

  • 1 December 2018
  • 1 reply

So recently i was using my xbox to listen to XXX’s new song BAD on my XboxOne and i had clicked shuffle not knowing what to expect, but the set of songs that played were actually very enjoyable and also had other artists like smokepurp, lil pump, lil uzi, Lil wayne, Trippie Red. Soon after, soundcloud had crashed and i had to reopen it and i went back to the song and clicked shuffle again but all it played was crappy songs and was so clued to why this happened, 10 minutes later i checked soundcloud on my phone and figured out that i had somehow made a station for BAD and thats why the songs that played were so good the first time, so now im wondering how do i make a station on my XboxOne????