I can't share a private playlist outside of Soundcloud...

  • 26 August 2018
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Hi All,

OK so I've read a few threads on this and the issue seems to come and go but here is my scenario.

OK I have a 3 track EP dropping on Friday with a press release going out tonight and I wanted to create a private playlist from the 3 tracks. One of the tracks I wanted to be public so any press could link to it or add it to a playlist. So I've copied the URL from the browser (there is no share option on my playlist page - under the playlist or my image) but when that URL is shared I get the message "We can't find that playlist, Did you try to access a private playlist without being signed in"

So remember in this private playlist I have one public track and two private ones. I read somewhere that you have to make the tracks public in a private playlist which sort of defeats the object of having a private playlist. So I have made all the tracks public and the playlist still won't open for third parties and then I've made all the tracks private as well and same problem.

There is no share button on any of the individual tracks, Enable App Playback and Display Embed Code are activated in all tracks.

The only way I can share the playlist is to make all the tracks public and the playlist public as well, which I don't want to do as the release date is at the end of next week.

Just in case the tracks weren't properly transcoded I've just uploaded all the tracks again creating a private playlist in the process. Again all the tracks don't have a share option, neither does the playlist and when I share the URL, I get the same error message.

What am I missing here, is it because I am not a pro user? Is this a temporary issue? Is it maybe something to do with my digital distributor (although I have the tracks whitelisted so I can post them? Any help on this today from anyone would be much appreciated.



1 reply

OK so it looks like the issue has finally resolved itself, in one of the threads someone mentioned ad-blocker so as a last ditch attempt I disabled adblock which didn't seem to have an initial impact and then I uploaded again and low and behold the sharing links were there on tracks and on the playlist, I even have two tracks private and one public as I wanted.

I'm not putting on adblock to prove the theory as I've already wasted 4 hours of my Sunday afternoon but I can finally go ahead as planned