i can't unpost tracks on my profile

  • 27 February 2017
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when i unpost them and repost them everything seems normal; the track disappears and i repost it, and it goes to the the top of my pages but when i refresh it is still where it was originally...nothing changes!!??

9 replies

thanks for your reply cole.
some further [honest] feedback you might be interested in, for what it's worth:
since the removal of the groups, which i, and many other producers, relied upon for exposure and traction, reposts and re-reposts are the only means by which one can expose tracks, reasonably.
the removal of this element now means you have one shot and your done - effectively, you're dead in the water after posting. unless you inundate others with your work.
presently, i would send a new track to around 20-40 loyal [and supportive] followers...occasionally a few more, sometimes less, depending on the track. but, before the removal of the groups, it was consistently only 1-3 intimates...true!
if the objective is to minimise unnecessary [spam]/ reposts etc, my logical expectation would be the opposite outcome; i would assume that this would create considerably HIGHER activity as creators would become desperate and overwhelming of soundclouders, in their attempt to gain exposure, and traction, of their productions.
i have been on SC since 2011 and it has taken some time to attain 2600 followers - a lot of work, without annoying followers - maybe, i'm too polite - and, the best means i have had to do this has been through reposting and re-reposting, as is the case with ALL my fellow producers on SC.
if this element is removed, i cannot see any advantages left in the model, particularly the [pro] platform!!??
for example; when i post a track, i achieve around 5% of [total] listens and, if i did no more, it would remain as such. it is only over the ensuing 8-12 weeks, which is about the lifespan of a post, that i can attain sufficient exposure...through re-reposting. otherwise, the track is just lost in a sea of posts and reposts, which can occur within 24 hours!
i do not see paid promotion as a solution because, at this point in time, it is fake.
i, and many others, would rather 500-600 genuine listens rather than 1.6M who are mostly anonymous followers of fake ids.
it holds no credibility to have 325 followers and 1.6M listens of your track. in my opinion, it is transparent and embarrassing. furthermore, it contributes very little, if anything, to the development of the artist.
nb: i know there are exceptions in buying followers, listens and likes...but very few, in fact, have probably gained from paid promotion but, these are almost exclusively established artists, who are using SC to supplement their overall social [and other] media promotion/activity.
in conclusion: unless you are re-inventing the SC model, i would suggest you review this immediately, because you are removing the very engine that presently drives your model.
e.g. i have become inactive on SC over the last few days, as there is no purpose, apart from messaging you....and listening is down.
I feel like SC is forgetting where it came from and why it became popular begin with. It became popular because of the underground scene. Sure there's a bunch of other genres, but it was because of electronic music that it is where it is now in my opinion. It's also a voice for the incorporate music world to be heard, and since the buyout it seems as though more and more paid users rights are being stripped away. I question the real motives behind why SC does what it does in attempt to carve out a profit, but know that as the changes are being made we are noticing, and are already looking at different options, and if your not careful you'll be the next Myspace. I really like the community here, and like Blue Tung have worked hard building a profile organically. I couldn't agree more about the groups and reposting issues. Something needs to be done to allow people that are hungry hardworking musicians, and paying good hard earned money, to promote their craft and get their music out to the people. Just my two cents:)
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Hey Blu and Tim,

Firstly I agree and understand all of your points. We need better ways for artists, especially small ones, to promote themselves... especially since groups has been removed.

I can tell you we're working on things that will help solve that problem and drive people to your tracks (and with much less effort on your side as well).

As far as the reposts situation, we are watching the data and will also be looking at loosening it up a little as time goes on. I personally am also looking at making a better stream structure so that your stuff won't get washed away so quickly.

Lastly, just note that it may seem like you have less power now because of the re-repost policy, but this is actually leveling the playing field in terms of decreasing reposts overall, thus a more likely chance that people will see your stuff the first time you post or your friends repost it. Again, we're doing this based on data, and we'll continue watching it.

Thanks to you both for your feedback and for being fans. I appreciate your time.
thanks cole
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Hi Blu, we've made some changes so that you can't "re-repost" things and put it back at the top of the stream. It now goes to the time that it was first reposted. We'll post a blog post on this soon.
I think it's a new way to limit buzz to make major stronger.
Thx alot soundcloud...
hi cole, thank you for your reply. so you're saying that once you have reposted a track there are no further re-reposts of that track [on that page]'s a once only event, correct? or is there something more...that i'm missing?
hi cole, thank you for your reply. so you're saying that once you have reposted a track there are no further re-reposts of that track [on that page]'s a once only event, correct? or is there something more...that i'm missing?
if i'm understanding fully; you can repost and unpost, but if you re-repost the track, it will return to the original repost date, regardless.
if this is correct, SC are diminishing the advantages it offers to artists and producers. presently, re=reposting has been the best opportunity in my getting tracks exposed and heard...and i don't inundate followers.
in fact, i was given a caution 2 days ago for "too much messaging", when all i was doing was thanking [61] followers for reposting my track!!??
i thought this was the advantage of having a pro account!!??
i look forward to your reply...
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Hi Blu, yes you have it correct. But we're watching it closely and will considering loosening this up a bit, as well as adding some more features soon to help for smaller artist exposure. Thanks for your feedback!