I've been blocked by liking to many songs in a short period of time, how can i fix it? And I am having problems with my playlists too...

In the last 6 months, I've been having problems with all my playlists. Everytime that I added a new song in a playlist that I've been using for a long (not to long, but for some time), that song seems to eliminate an old song from the playlist that I am adding, because, the music was added, but the number of songs doesn't change... I've tied to create new playlists, but this problem stills occouring. And some songs seems to disapear from the playlist too, beacuse the number of songs is always reducing, and I don't know why. Mainly due to this fact I stopped using soundocloud for 3 months.
Some days ago I decided to select a lot of songs that I haven't listened yet, to see if I like them or not, but fist, I decided to try to fix my problem with my playlists. So I decide to like all my songs from my playlists, I have almost 700 songs, and after liking less then 200 songs I've been blocked for 2 days. I waited those 2 days patiently, and today restarted liking my songs, and after liking less then 80 songs I've been blocked again for more 5 days... And probably if I try to like more songs I'll be blocked for more time...
I am not "spamming" or "unfairly promoting myself". I just want to listen for good music, and save the ones I love.
In that way, I have some questions:
  1. How can I fix the problem with the playlists?
  2. I don't know if, it is a mistake that I'm making or a type of bug of the system?
  3. There is a limit of numbers of songs that I can like in a short period, or not? If there is, how many songs can I like?
  4. How much time I have to wait, between some likes and others, to not get blocked?
  5. There is other solution for my problem? I'm thinking to create another account there is other better solution?
Copying from another topic: "I love soundcloud, it is by far, the best, music service for my tastes. I often spend hours and hours at a time just listening to different tracks and reposting and liking the best ones. Sorry if I sound too demanding; I'm just passionate about this issue and I want to find a solution.". It represents my feeling about soundcloud I don't want to stop using it because I can't do some basic things, just as "saving" the songs that I like to listen them later...

I hope that as sooner as possible I can get an answer, and be able to have a great experience using soundcloud as I always had.

Thank You, Enzo
Ps.: Sorry for my bad english, I haven't practice it for a long time...😁

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I have the same issue, and am currently on a 5 day block. I'm just trying to consolidate my lists into 1.
However, Soundcloud clearly doesn't approve of that, or have a method of doing so.
Soundcloud is also lacking in responding to inquiries, and essentially has no customer support/service department.
Finding anyone to contact that is not in the community is impossible. I tried to tweet them...let's see how that goes...
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Hi there,

Please see here to learn more about our feature use policies.

Apart from that, our engineers are currently looking into an issue where tracks cannot be added to playlists, and where tracks seem to disappear from a playlist. Apologies about the confusion around this.

If you need to further assistance, you can reach out to our support team via the Help Center.