I want to play **only** one track, ***NOT a list***. Whenever I play a track and it ends, the next track is played. How to stop this???

  • 30 March 2015
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9 replies

@SoundCloud Community Support are we still without the ability to turn off auto play? This should really be available. There are many different instances where this is necessary. Please talk to your engineering team to add this minor feature. Thanks!
Has a way of playing/sharing only one track from Soundcloud been sorted yet?
There is no "Autoplay" button under settings. I really do not understand why it is impossible to play a single track on Soundcloud. By comparison YouTube allows you to turn its autoplay function off very easily. Soundcloud should do the same. In no way does playing another track after what I wanted to listen to "enhance my Soundcloud experience." In fact, it does exactly the opposite. If I wanted to listen to the radio I would listen to the radio. The essence of modern streaming (whether video or audio) is that the user is able to select what he or she wants to see or listen to.
Yep would like just to play individual tracks as I have them linked with an ebook and it continues to play another
It really is a problem that you cannot listen to only one track without it then starting another one.
You can if you go to your settings and there should be a button labelled Autoplay related tracks. Just turn that off and it will just play the song once and then stop.
It really is a problem that you cannot listen to only one track without it then starting another one.
That is pretty silly that you can't choose to play only the single track you want without going to the next automatically. What if you're trying to nap and the next recommended track is anything but a soothing thunderstorm???
All you can do is press the circle on the bottom of the page to repeat the same song over and over again.
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Hi csounder,

Thanks for writing into the help forum. At this time recommended tracks cannot de disabled. As you feel strongly that this is negatively affecting your SoundCloud experience I would like to ask you to make a feature request directly with our product team here to have the option to turn it off.

Thank you again for taking the time to give us feedback.