In defence of reposts - please stop them becoming a toxic mess

So, reposts are being abused and this is a problem. But this post is in defence of reposts as I feel the backlash is getting to the point where the user base is asking for the removal of a useful feature.

Reposts are a great tool in the right hands. For example Dario Lupo is a great writer and collector of ambient music who stays on genre, if reposts were removed I would miss his carefully curated contributions to my music stream.

As a small amateur artist, reposts also allow me to get my tracks to a wider audience by exchanging reposts with artists in the same musical space as me - genre is important here.

Instead of everyone using the nuclear option (web users will install an addon to hide ALL reposts even if Soundcloud don't add the feature) can we consider the ability to hide reposts for each artist I follow on a case by case basis?

If an artist abuses the repost button, I can simply say 'No more reposts from this guy' and I can still listen to their music and not all the off genre stuff they repost.

Thanks for listening!
Dave (aka Perambulum)

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I couldn't put it better myself.

Please help us all get the most from Soundcloud and the wonderful acquaintances / influences we have discovered with you once more.

Stephen (aka Step5)
This is the exact problem I have and the solution I dream of. Sad to see nothing done after a few years still.

Reposts are the part of Soundcloud I value most as a way to find new music, but the stream just becomes a mess when you have no control over what artists posts you see. I am trying third party options but the best they can manage is the all or nothing approach and that doesn't really work for me in the end. The only resort I ultimately have is to just un-follow the artists that consistently repost things I don't like, and that defeats the purpose of the entire site.

There are a lot of different topics where people phrase this problem differently, and the amount of Chrome extensions and GitHub plugins suggests that people really care about this.