Less songs on playlist on PC

  • 2 December 2015
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On my Android app for Soundcloud I have 22 tracks on my playlist but when I logged in on the PC it only shows 17. Where have the others gone helpp

3 replies

Hello team,

I run the Soundcloud app on my mobile device (Android) everyday, and I am active on the website as well.
Recently I have been having the same issue.

Likes and Adding tracks to the playlist from the mobile device does not update my likes and playlists on the website.

I uninstalled the app from my android device and reinstalled as instructed.

I then liked / reposted / and added to a playlist all on the mobile device.
I was only able to see the repost on the web site.
On the mobile device, the playlist number ticks up by one and the track shows as "Liked"

Track :
Playlist :

Please let me know if I can assist in troubleshooting further.
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This was an issue that we were aware of however it has since been fixed. Can you please try deleting and reinstalling the app to force an update?

Hiya. On my phone it is completely fine but on the PC is where I lose some of the songs on my playlist.