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  • 10 February 2018
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First I gave all my podcasts for free with a link. I made very good podcasts and I want my clients to pay for it. But how can I stop people from listening my podcasts when they have the link. I have put them in a playlist

Or do I have to make a different LINK for every podcast so that they cannot listen to it anymore and that they will pay me first for my podcasts which I already put in my webshop.

But right now the people who have the links can still listen. I try to put a link in the metagegevens, but i can still listen to the podcasts when i have the link.

What do I have to do? Of do I have to change the link from each podcast.
thank you very much.

1 reply

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Hi there,

Hmm, one thing you could do is set your podcasts to private, and send the private link to your customers. Here's how:

Once the track is set to private, you can grad the private link via the "Share" button under the track.