Listening Limit?

So recently, lots of my songs have been turned into 30 second previews. I got a pop up that said I’ve reached my monthly free listening limit and that certain tracks will turn into previews. I can listen to songs on the browser version just fine, because it only seems to affect the mobile app. How do I fix this?

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how long did it take for it to return back to normal
The same exact thing it happening to me and i don’t know why. Does anyone know how to fix it because it’s starting to get really annoying.
yeah it happened to me two days ago but now all of my songs are 30 second previews, nobody asked for this
happened to me today and its so stupid that soundcloud implimented this into their app. Why does their need to be a listening limit? i preferred soundcloud over pandora, spotify, and many other apps for the playlist and now i need to deal with this bs? how long do these listening limits last?
It just happened to me too. They are obviously trying to force us to pay for it
This same thing happened to me a few days ago. We need someone to address this because it's really messing me up. My playlists are my life and almost 60% of the songs are previews now. I'm beyond annoyed. However this is only happening on my phone where as on my laptop it's fine.
It said monthly listening limit so I assumed they would go back to normal at the start of the month. That hasn't happened. So why even call it a monthly limit if they have turned all the songs to previews permanently?
honestly i figure if i’m gonna pay i might as well get spotify premium. i’ve been using soundcloud for at least four years now and this has just messed with all my music, including music that i can’t get anywhere else. it’s really a shame but there’s no way i’m paying for soundcloud.
Honestly this is stupid. I got this monthly listening limit in the first week of the month so I have to wait a whole month to listen to music. So sorry soundcloud but you just lost someone who's been on this app for years I have now switched to spotify premium and it's so much better and I didn't want to pay for music but if soundcloud forcing it i guess I have to

Has anyone found a way to solve this problem? I just got this today, is there something that I have to do to fix it? Or do I just wait? 

Has anyone found a way to solve this problem? I just got this today, is there something that I have to do to fix it? Or do I just wait? 

You have to wait. I got it a few days ago in October and waited for the start of November. It didn’t come back on the first day for some insanely annoying and no doubt stupid reason, but all of the songs I liked are now back to normal. Had to go back and like ALL of the songs I disliked because I thought this was a permanent change, and now I’ve been blocked on the app from liking songs for another few days. This app is seriously testing my nerves. I have been using SoundCloud for about three years and for the app to instill something like this now is extremely upsetting. I agree with all of those angry people above; Spotify is better.