Long Play failure

  • 9 January 2019
  • 6 replies

When I stream to long tracks like full dj sets to Chromecast Soundcloud starts lacking after about 40 minutes. It hasn't allways been like this... Can Anyone Help me?

6 replies

Hello, I have exactly the same problem with my chromecast audio streamed from my iPhone (last version of the app, iOS 12.1.2) since december.
@SoundCloud Community Support Please fix it, it’s very annoying
I have the same issue 😞 I use 3 Chromecast devices and it drops out every minute or so. Very annoying 😟
Casting from other sources (like Spotify) works fine. Would be so grateful if you could fix that..
Whew... was starting to think I was the only one having this issue! It has been driving me nuts the past few weeks.

I've tried on both Android and iOS casting to either to Chromecast or Chromecast Audio and right around the 40 - 45 minute mark the stream gets out of sync. I've noticed the same behavior before, but it was usually after hours of streaming so I just dealt with it. At the current frequency, it has me using other apps 😞
It's not just Chromecast, it's the same on the Android app. I mainly (try to) listen to DJ sets, most are >1 hour. Around 45 minutes they start cutting out, play for a few seconds, stop, play a few more seconds, stop, until I swear and turn it off. Thought it might have been down to the app/dodgy 4g signal, but when it happened on chromecast on a network with other people happily watching YouTube/streaming movies, the finger began pointing in the soundcloud direction. Google-fu got me here, so I'll add my "me too" 😞
Same here!
Onkyo Chromecast built in: Drops out exactly after 28 min
Chromecast 3: exactly after 1 hour 2 min
Same problem reported HERE