Lost playlists and liked tracks

  • 26 June 2015
  • 3 replies

I just logged back onto soundcloud after an apparent server crash and all of my likes and playlists have disappeared, is there a way to retrieve these?

3 replies

Hi Gina I have the same problem, do you guys have a way of retrieving those?
Hi Gina,
I uninstalled an old version of the soundcloud app and installed the latest version of the app today. I looked at my liked tracks and discovered it's missing about 2 weeks worth of tracks that i have liked. That's probably about 48 tracks that have disappeared from my list of likes. I'm wondering what happened and i would greatly appreciate it if they could be recovered to my liked tracks. Any help you could offer would be great.
Thank you.
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Hi Rebecca,

Sorry for confusion caused. Is this still an issue for you?