messages vs annoying people

  • 23 January 2017
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I want to get more listeners/comments but i don't want to annoy folks with constantly sending them songs. So is their any other ways to do it other than to keep sending them songs via messages?

4 replies

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afaik soundcloud messages are limited to 25 a day. what else you can do? sending to blogs, sending to other musicians, sending to youtube channels, show it to your family, whatever works for you 😉
[..] songs via messages?
Is that all, which can be done? o.0

^^ I'm @Send private message to Lawrence J. Collen and... Sent! :)

Edit: For some reason, your topic gave me the impression that PMs are limited - on SoundCloud - but, they're not; We can send, basically, anything (Just like any other forum, it's all good. :))

P.S. Why, the heck, are we posting in Playlists? :-0
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I really do want to see some alternative ways to do the above. So please reply.