Missing songs from Playlist

  • 26 February 2018
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I reported that songs in the hundreds suddenly disappeared from multiple different playlists on my account a month or two ago and there was never a response or fix. Most all of these songs are from verified soundcloud accounts like Monstercat and the like and I have even been able to find the missing songs elsewhere on the site, but they have been removed from my playlist by no choice of my own. Being hundreds of songs, I could never go back and manually find each and every one and re-add them. Most people who report this issue say "It'll be fixed in 5 minutes" or something similar but this is certainly not the case since this issue happened a month or two ago. Is there any way the songs can be recovered to my playlists? I've seen other people report that they accidentally deleted a playlist and it was able to be recovered by soundcloud and I'm hoping this issue is also recoverable in a similar fashion.

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