Mobile app vs. Desktop/Browser app - playlists don't sync

  • 3 January 2017
  • 1 reply

I'm facing a big issue with playlist feature. I'm using both Soundcloud app and/or browser app. I have a few playlists in my account and if I add new songs to any playlist using the mobile app they don't sync with playlist, the same playlist I see in the desktop browser app. This happens in both directions if I update any playlist in the mobile app I can't see the song in browser playlist and vice-versa.

Can you please advise? What can be done in order to solve this? Thanks.

Desktop Playlist:

Mobile Playlist:

1 reply

i am having the exact same issue. this is a real emerging issue that many soundcloud users are experiencing in the exact same way and the problem is easy to reproduce. hopefully they will listen and get on top of this.