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  • 11 March 2017
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im trying to cut some songs from my likes. How do i see how many times i have listened to a song? which songs in my likes do i listen to most and least.
how do i track the songs i listen to most often?

9 replies

Let's make it happen please
want this so bad
Any update on this?
Can't I see my data?
Just another reason why SoundCloud is failing...they've made it clear this specific data should not be displayed. Everything is already in-place to display exactly what users want. 😂

The most played tracks in {GENRE} on SoundCloud this {SORTBY-DATE}

Just replicate subreddit sorting and make it so people can "sort by"
  • week
  • month
  • year
  • of all time

Try doing an advanced search operator query like " most played soundcloud music of all time" and you'll be able to get, more or less, the data you want.
Spotify has the leg up on this one boys. Programmers get on the grind.
This needs to be a feature. Not hard to add. Tracking and displaying your own user data is exciting to look at and very helpful. Let’s see this happen SC.
Is there anything done to this yet?
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Hi there Joe,

This is currently not something you as a listener can do actually. I'll forward your query to the relevant product team though 🙂