Music Pausing Between Songs

  • 19 March 2017
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the problem that I am facing on my MacBook is exactly as stated in the title, that being the my music stops playing between every song.
It is quite frustrating and is making me not want to use soundcloud anymore on my mac.
If I am on the page its self the music plays fine, the issue is when I am on another tab or window, or app.
I have to click back on the tab and then it starts playing as soon as I click the tab.
Did I miss something in setting up my account or something?
How can I fix this issue?
Is it a setting on my mac? on Safari? on Soundcloud?
Thanks for the help.

5 replies

Does it happen with Chrome?
Been having this issue for quite some time now. Only happens in Safari. Chrome works fine.

Seems like this behaviour started to begin when Soundcloud started switching to HLS streams. For some reason Safari can't handle them, stops between tracks and sometimes tiny breaks during a track, which seems to indicate that it has some issues buffering the new parts of the track.

This issue has been around for at least 3 months now, but it seems that nobody over @soundcloud cares... Possibly a issue on Apples side, but should be sorted out regardless.
I'm having the same issue, music stops between each song when I'm in a different tab. Music resumes only after I briefly switch back to the Soundcloud tab, then stops once that song is over. The issue remains after, in no particular order, quitting Safari, restarting the laptop, deleting the Soundcloud cookie, logging out and in of SC, and killing all Safari processes.

MacBook Pro 2016, macOS 10.12.3, Safari 10.0.3.

Tried on same set up with Firefox 52.0.1 and did not have this issue.
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Hi there,

Sorry about the troubles! This issue should now be fixed for Safari users. 🙂
Hey thanks for all of the replies. I allowed Soundcloud to send me notifications and now the music keeps on rolling. It will occasionally still pause as mentioned by Safety and berge. Other than that all good now.