My playlists aren't on both platforms.

  • 27 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I made some playlists on my phone and also liked some tracks, but when I go on my computer the playlists and likes are different, despite being on the same account. Is this the same for everyone?

1 reply

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there's differences in the way things display between app and desktop, particularly in relation to list ordering. likes are displayed in different order between two platforms for me too yes (app appears random to me). same goes for spotlight (app does not respect track order, appears random also). app bug presumably, app's relatively new.

playlists also different for me yes.

i'd pretty much forgotten about this but in fact it should be reasonably high priority - one of the main features of a pro account is the ability to feature/order tracks on your profile and the app does not do this correctly.