my tracks have been duplicated, and i cant delete them

  • 18 April 2017
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soundcloud re-uploaded two of my eps that were released about 2-3 years ago. They were released on a separate record label. But now I have duplicates of the same songs. Some with the original amount of views, and now the new uploads with about 30-100 views. When I go to delete these new tracks, the delete button is greyed out, and when i go to make the songs private, they do not give you the option.

I did not upload these songs, and I dont know why, soundcloud decided to upload them to my account. How do i get rid of them? Please help.

3 replies

How do I delete my last song
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These new ones will be monetized, so if they are played they will be generating a tiny bit of income for the label that released them. It is not SoundCloud who put them there but the digital distributor of that particular label. You can contact the label to arrange for them to be removed but what will happen is a new account with your name will be made to house these tracks.
See this recent thread about that:
hey slight. i am talking to the label now. It is not them. It is 100% soundcloud.
To quote the owner of the label:
"It's the new SoundCloud Go, they are a paid subscription service like Spotify, we don't have any control over it as it's a separate thing to the personal accounts for artists, even though they show up in the same area as your personal stuff. I've been keeping in the loop on this for the past six months as we have had loads of people wanting to know what's up with it, apparently as time goes on they will settle into your back catalog. We along with others have expressed our discontent at the artists not being able to control how their own profile appears. I've been through that loop with my aggregator / distributor and Soundcloud all in the same email feed and it's on Soundclouds end 100%."

so I'm not feeling too good about soundcloud right now. Any help would be great.