My tracks not available in my country

  • 9 December 2016
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hi there,

first of all, im a pro unlimited-user and cant find the support of soundcloud anymore. Very very good - i pay for a support, which is not available. Instead i can enter a help community. I need some soundcloud-expert, not a community. Dont know where to share else.

Maybe someone is despite that fact able to help:
My last ep was uploaded on a belarus based label. So the tracks which were uploaded there cant be seen in germany. Wtf? The label doesnt know something about it, me neither. But its my tracks.

The tracks which were uploaded as premieres on german musicblogs can be seen.

See screenshot. Whats going on again?



7 replies

i'm having the same issue, now it isn't even showing to the public but when i'm logged in it still shows it on my spotlight, been trying to sort it for a week, tried emailing, calling them everything and all i have had in an automated email and an answer phone.. good luck mate.
Paying for "no service" is not very satisfying, to say it in a nice way.
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Hi there you two,

I assume this has been sorted out in the meantime - If you were seeing this error message, this was probably due to licensing issues between your label / distributor and SoundCloud. @Radiotherapie - you no longer seem to be on the partner program, so you should be able to play all of your tracks just fine.

@L.E.A., if you're still facing this, please reach out to your label / distributor, as they will ultimately be the ones who can help solving this issue.

I am having the same problem. I had a playlist on my account that I created a long time ago, always played OK (these are original tracks of mine). Then suddenly after I made some slight changes to the playlist description yesterday, and reset my account password, I can now see one of the 9 tracks is "Not available in United Kingdom". It is weird that it's just one out of 9 similar tracks.
Can I get some help with this please?
I think it’s pretty ridiculous that I pay every month for SoundCloud Go and I cannot access some songs because they are not available in the US. I’ve had songs before where I had no problem playing them and all of a sudden they are not available in the US. Why are there restrictions on these songs. Some artists such as Five Finger Death Punch are not available to play. I know this band is US based so why can I not listen to them????
I have the same issue on a private track which is a demo I've uploaded to share just with my band members. WTF.
This happened to me after I updated a file. I discovered that it was because I had an apostrophe in the title and embed title. This hadn't been a problem before but now was, but once I removed the apostrophe it worked again.