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  • 11 December 2017
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I don´t know if maybe I changed something, or if Soundcloud did, but my Discover section doesn´t make much sense. Is it possible to revert back to as it was a couple of weeks back?
My Similar Tracks are basically a copy of my Liked Tracks so I won´t be discovering anything.
Also, you added a lot of stuff I don´t really care about, like the Top 50 Hits, Music to Sleep, etc...

I really wish I could have my old Discover section, where I was actually finding a lot of great new sounds based on tracks I liked. That was the main attraction in Soundcloud, in my opinion, and now it seems to be gone...

Please, is it possible for me to go back to the old Discovery section or is this how it is going to be now?

Kind regards,

5 replies

I completely agree. This page: Has changed and now It shows tracks you have liked, or added to playlist. When you skip the track it plays similar recommendations. But the new discovery Hardly changes, (same tracks) And goes wildly off topic in just a few songs in some cases.

Also, Adding uncustomisable recommended playlists to this page is a really poor choice...
"Tracks for sleep"
"Next Wave"

None of this has anything to do with me. It has gotten to a point where I am trying to find another sight that I can once again discover fresh trance on.

Please bring old discover back!

-Sound cloud avid listener.
True and sad. Missing old discover page. New is absolutely useless.
Couldn't agree more. The new Discover setup is terrible. One of my favorite things about Soundcloud and why I chose it over other services was the previous Discover page. It was great at finding new music exactly to my taste and previous selections. This new one hasn't changed since it first appeared and offers me nothing.
Yeah, I'm with you guys, this discover page is crap. So we still waiting for answers dear moderators.
Yeah, this is utterly useless. I just want to discover new tracks and artists based on my listening history. As it is, the new "More of what you like" is just a very short list of tracks I've *already listened to*.