New songs added on top of playlists instead of bottom

  • 25 January 2017
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Hi guys, I find this option to be non existent but very important for me as I listen to soundcloud very often.

I would love to listen my latest added songs from my playlist without needing to edit the playlist so that the latest ones are the first to play. Currently the latest added songs go to the bottom which doesn't make any sense. At least for me.

Can the devs help us with an option to add new songs on top of the playlist, like youtube has ?

Thanks !

26 replies

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Hey Brial

I am wondering the same exact thing ! I was looking for a setting that would tell new additions to a playlist to go to the TOP instead to the BOTTOM. Right now, I must manually go in and re organize my playlist EVERY TIME.

Soundcloud developers - Is there a setting you can add/that already exists for this ?

Thanks - Dylan
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This is a very important need for me as well. YouTube allows the order to go in chronologically descending order rather than ascending like the Soundcloud system does. Please allow this so that we do not have to rearrange tracks every time we upload.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. This is currently not planned. I'll be sure to pass on your feedback to the relevant team.

As a Soundcloud Pro subscriber, I would also like to add my support and desire to have this functionality. Newest track added needs to be at top of playlist. Thanks for passing this feedback on to the relevant team!
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I, too, made this request some time ago. News feeds everywhere present content in reverse chronological (newest first) order. Yet, inexplicably SoundCloud simply replies with, "This is currently not planned" (along with a promise to pass it on). Users clearly want this, SoundCloud … make it happen!
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Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback. This is currently not planned. I'll be sure to pass on your feedback to the relevant team.


Im sorry but not planned?? That makes no sense. You guys created a playlist system but didnt make have all the required features to complete the system which is now causing bad navigation. How was this overlooked when they came up with the playlist?

What idiot said "You know what wouldn't it be great if all the new songs go to the bottom of the list so everyone will need to scroll down through a hundred songs to get to it..."

This is one of the most needed functions on your site right now. It affects user navigation big time. You are not thinking about your large active users.

I had to make a video explaining to my artist that they had to scroll down through 158 beats on my playlist to hear my newest stufd. All because soundcloud cant apply 1 simple code? Make it happen! We are paying customers,

This pisses me off. "Not Planned"??? Get outta here with that stuff. Smh 😠
I can't believe this hasn't been done it. This is essential for RSS feeds. Without it, it's useless. What are you doing sitting on your ass?
Agreed. This is a very important feature. It may not seem like a big deal to the developers but it makes a BIG difference to us as users. As a PRO user, I am requesting that this feature be added to the developers backlog and prioritized quickly.
I totally agree! Please add this functionality so we can choose the songs to automatically go to the top of the playlist. Its too time consuming to manually re-order them each time 😕
Really important functionality. Please add.
Get this added please
this is a good idea
Any news about this functionality? @SoundCloud Community Support, @Mathis still not planned?
Any news about this functionality? @SoundCloud Community Support, @Mathis still not planned?
+1, also cancelling my Go subscription until this feature is implemented
This problem is still there, and it is not good when running an active RSS Feed like we do... Please fix this, your latest track should automatic be first on the list NOT last... Thank you
Hey it's 1 year later and nothing happened.
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Hey it's 1 year later and nothing happened.
Yeah, I was just wondering the same thing!

@Mathis This missing feature makes the whole playlist and song gathering experience a lot less fun. This means that I need to go into each playlist and move the songs I've found to the top so I can listen them on repeat or first rather than last.

It's a common sense feature after all and easy to do on the dev side (would not take more than a sprint :)). You should prioritise this to be honest. I went back to Spotify for a while just because of this problem!
I second, third, fourth, and fifth this feature as an absolute necessity. Especially since you are not able to rearrange your playlist on the mobile app at all. @Mathis @Mathis @Mathis @Mathis @Mathis
PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!!! Thinking of re-arranging playlists track by track manually makes me want to close Soundcloud and never buy a Pro subscription.
I also want this feature adding, it's becoming a pain to re-order some of my playlists. I'm tempted to get Go+ but not until the playlist ordering is sorted.

+1 !!

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+1 @Mathis Canceled my subscription unfortunately because of the lack of flexibility when adding new songs to playlists. It’s such a shame that every other platform has this functionality but not Soundcloud which essentially is a platform to share music and playlists from.

Ok-- I requested this over 3 years ago and was told it would be coming soon. 

My way around it is to drag new ones to top.  I ALSO make a new playlist every year so listener know which one to go to. 

Each playlist only hold 500 tracks. 

Sound Cloud would like an STATUS UPDATE please……