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  • 23 July 2019
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I have mostly "collected" songs I enjoy by liking them, creating a sort of playlist. Maybe this wasn't the best way to get a collection of tracks I want to listen to. The thing is, I now have like over 400 songs in likes, so scrolling for the ones I want take some time (which is not fun with chronic pain in back and neck), but I can search for the track in the little search bar to find a song I'm looking for.

The problem there is that the next track, it will either play a completely random song, or a random one in my likes. I have now learned how to turn autoplay off (although it keeps changing to on when I pick a new song) but I would really prefer if my next up was the next in my likes. Like it is when I pick that track by scrolling and manually clicking it. It would make it so much easier to keep track of the songs I want to listen to right then since I sort of know which tracks I have put over and under each other, how the "groups" of likes look. Is there a way to disable Next Up or in any other way fix this so I can just listen to my likes in the order I have put them in?

Thank you in advance!
Have a great day!

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